Brian Gokey


Old guy from Vermont who grew up skiing and riding BMX. Was on high level hockey and rowing team/crew until college. In 1990 I started riding MTB and messed around with it until 2007.  In 2013 took on cycling as a hobby to lose weight and have some good family times.
Found out I still liked to ride and compete so I joined a team with my step daughter Cynthia Wang who joined Jakroo Track racing at Junior Nationals in 2015. Stylistically, I tend to like to push the pace rather than sprint for wins. I prefer to work for others and make friends in races. My training style is eat well, rest and ride up to 10 hours a week. I work for a chemical company and travel often as a field engineer.


Track - Cat 4
2015 front 1/3 to mid pack finisher

Road - Cat 4
2016 - Early Birds Mentor
9/2015 Giro SF - worked for my team mate who finished 2nd, I finished 14th overall
7/2015 District TTT 3rd in open-pro division. 
4/2015 Top Sport Stage race 5th
2014 - 3rd Coppertown circuit, 3rd Redkite 

Cross - Cat C
2015 won 6/7 races and 2nd in the other. Currently 1st in CCCX and will win points series as long I finish the season final race on 1/17/2016. Mostly my group is small at 35+ but my overall times are good enough for podiums in open C.

TeamMichael Hernandez