Tom Perkins


I am a junior athlete attending school in Canada but racing mainly in California. I don't exactly have a 'specialty' in cycling yet, but I mainly race criteriums and track. Cycling to me is not just a sport or something to be competitive in - it's my stress reliever, entertainment, inspiration and my 'play time'. I think I can speak for all the cyclists in the local races in saying that bikes aren't just something we ride - they teach us discipline and dedication. This sport comes with many lessons - some I have yet to learn, but the road this will take me on is  perfect for even just riding bikes, no pun intended.


15th Overall at Canadian Junior Track National Championships
16th of 65 at Vacaville Gran Prix 2015
11th of 29 at San Ardo Road Race 2015
20th of 41 at Suisun Harbor Criterium 2015
18th of 31 at Watsonville Criterium

JuniorMichael Hernandez